Mural development with Gary Anderson
Slide show of Murals in Lodi
The Walldogs represent some of the world's top muralists.  The group sponsors mural meets all over the world.  This particular meet was put together by Tony Segale in Lodi, California and commemorates the city';s 100 year history.  I was fortunate to work with Gary Anderson from Illonois, learning frm layout to detail from this Walldog master.  My hope is to bring the Walldogs to Sausalito for the Marinship Mural Project.  I envision a series of murals depicting infamous waterfront happenings such as the parties with Jean Varda aboard the Vallejo, the House Boat Wars, WWII Marinship years, the destruciton of Bob's Boatyard, and the life and times of Sausalito's distinguised shipwrights building and restoring the likes of the  Zaca, Wanderbird, Wapamma, Freda and more.
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